Air Cooler services

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Air Cooler services

Though Air conditioners have become very common, Air coolers have its own place in the hearts of people in Vellore. Being feared with electric bills over the usage of Air conditioners, Air coolers are those who come in for rescue for us with the Himalayan cool mode but both energy and cost saving. We have Air cooler technicians who can work with all brands at the Excellent service centre, Vellore.
Check on the importance of servicing your Air Cooler with Excellent Service Centre, Vellore & Katpadi

Cleans the pump

Pump is the most important part of an Air cooler, and you need to understand the importance of keeping your Air cooler away from dirt and debris as it might jam your appliance from working. To avoid those jamming issues with your pump, get connected to one of our Air cooler technicians at Excellent service centre.

Drains the water tank

Air coolers are equipped with water tank to be regulated properly like filling and draining periodically, this way it works more efficiently. Though the new air cooling systems come up with auto-draining and auto-filling options, but still monitoring it twice a month helps your appliance go in a long run.

Cleans the cooling pads

Cooling pads make the air coolers super heroes, as cooling pads are the reason for the breeze of cool air. They soak in and get moisturised. Our technicians have a better hand experience with Air coolers with any kind of cooling pads (Honey comb and Wood wool). Keeping them clean is directly proportionate to getting air cooler.

We have lined up senior Air cooler technicians to work with all brands.

Our services are cost effective and are bound to time. So to clean the pump, drain the water tank and clean the cooling pads all that you got to do is call up our Air cooler services- service and maintenance check-ups and set back at your home and chill down.

Excellent service centre is here to provide you the quality services. For any brand that you look up for, we are a one call solution!

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