Television services

Servicing, Repair, Installation & Uninstallation

Television services

Televisions have become almost an inseparable part of every household and more familiar with all age groups nowadays. More than the usual TV programs, our subscriptions for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar plus and a lot more shows how addictive the entertainment part plays role in our day-to-day lives. And for that down to luxury feel at home, there are different types of televisions in market these days including- QLED, OLED, LED, LCD and etc. We at Excellent service centre have senior technicians for all the leading brands for services, installation and reinstallation for your appliance.
Check on the importance of servicing your Television with Excellent Service Centre, Vellore & Katpadi


A television should be stabilized properly on the wall or on a stand where the temperature is maintained. Clean the area where the TV is placed periodically as the dust might damage the television. TV also need to breathe! Our super smart technicians would help you to give a hand in Installation or Re-installation of your appliance.

Picture settings

  • Screens black
  • Colours look wrong
  • Skin tones look wrong
  • Blacks look grey
  • Dark portions are pixelated
  • Grain on the picture
  • Temporary Image retention
  • Permanent burn-in

Apps & Wifi

  • Can’t find/change channels
  • Video won’t stream in TV’s browser
  • Can’t connect TV to WiFi
  • Can’t find/download app
  • Can’t find/change channels
  • TV channels look fuzzy


  • TV not outputting sound
  • Sound is delayed

Services the Machine

  • TV turns off randomly
  • Remote doesn’t work properly

Cable, Satellite & OTA

  • Can’t find/change channels
  • TV channels look fuzzy

We have lined up senior Television technicians to work with all brands.

We have lined up senior Washing Machine technicians to work with all brands.

Our services are cost effective and are bound to time. So to mount your television and for any issues with picture, sound, apps, wifi, cable, satellite, OTA, remote and power all that you got to do is call up our Television services- for installation, reinstallation and maintenance check-ups and set back at your home and chill down.

Excellent service centre is here to provide you the quality services. For any brand that you look up for, we are a one call solution!

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